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Trekking Hulukadi Betta


1. H Krishnamurthy
2. P C Gautam
3. H S Venkataramana
4. Myself

Date: 28th August, 2021

Mode of Transport: Tata Tigor

It was morning 8am and we had made plans to visit Hulukadi betta, the day earlier in the late evening hours, after a couple of frantic phone calls 🙂 with all the participants and the plan was drawn.

Hulukadi betta is situated near the Doddaballapur and is home to Veerabhadra Swamy temple at the top. The statue of Veerabhadra swamy is around 3-4 ft tall and is very beautiful. As per the priest, it dates back to thousands of years old, with images of deities carved at the entrance wooden frame, depicting its story. 

As we reach the base, we were greeted by group of people, who were serving food and requested us to have food as well. Upon conversation, we came to know that, food was being prepared to serve to the devotees and to the people participating in a plantation drive that was planned later on the day, with the help of local people. The plan is to create four green corridors, one each in Madhugiri, Devaranya Durga, Makali Durg and Hulukadi, by planting around 1 Cr trees across the areas. I roughly remembers this names. This were being sponsored by multiple agencies including Rotary club and DNA Life. A name, Malali Gowda was over heard. Does the name sound familiar? Since we already had breakfast on the way, we had `bonda` made from the local herbs, collected from the foothills therein, post which we started the climb.

With rock cut staircase all along the way from the base to the top, the trek if pretty simple though the step count is more then 1300. There are multiple resting places as well, in-between for the devotees to take rest, so climbing this is not difficult. The betta, as I gather can be climb multiple ways, as the rock face does not look steep at all and every stop when one looks back, provide an astonishing view. As one looks closely, at the distant horizon, one can see the surrounding forts of Madhugiri, Devaranya Durga, Shivgange, Siddara Betta … 

As you climb, one can view the depleted fort walls with the view points and multiple honey combs. And on top, you can find a small water body wherein you can take a dip, before visiting the temple.

As we climbed down and reach the base, we see none other than, Dr. Malali Gowda himself. We have knew Dr. Malali Gowda since a long time, but were not sure whether he was the same person that was referred at the begining. This was an un-expected happy moment of meeting old colleagues. Dr. Gowda further explained his views of the green corridor concept and introduced us to his `gang` of workers. A small contribution was made for us, for planting 4 samplings.


Route Information:

Hulukadi Betta is around 44 kms from Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore and is one of the closest trekking destinations from Bangalore. Roads all along the way, till the base is good and as you traverse, you can have the view country side lifestyle. On the Bangalore – Doddaballapur highway,  once you hit the circle, take the left, which leads to Dobbaspet.  Once you reach Kodigehalli, take a right and follow the road. The betta will be on the right. In case of any direction issue, please approach the local people who are ready to help.

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