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A day at Lepakshi


1. Ritumoni and Biswajyoti
2. Wife (Chumki) and Myself

Date: 17th March, 2013

Mode of Transport: Tata Indica

Many people have termed this place as a MUST to what you see in and around Karnataka. And as such we also have been planning to have a round about of this place for more then 2 weeks before we suddenly decided to have a go.

Lepakshi is a small village located in the Anantapur District, in Andhra Pradesh, India, having it’s own historically and archaeologically importance. There are three shrines dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu and Virabhadra out of which the Virabhadra shrine is notable. The temple boasts of the architectural style of the Vijayanagara empire.

Basavanna (Nandi):

Monolithic Nandi Bull at Lepakshi

The colossal monolithic bull is a remarkable piece of masterpiece, being about 15 feet in height and around 27 feet in length. The Nandi faces to the huge Linga carved out of a rock at Virabhadra temple. The Linga is shaded by a seven headed cobra (Naga-Linga).

Naga-Linga at Virabhadra Temple

Virabhadra Temple:

Lepakshi Temple

Lepakshi Sculpture

Lepakshi Sculpture 2

The priest was kind enough to explain the existence of the place in Hindi.

Open Air Kalyana Mantapa:

Lepakshi Kalyana Mantapa

The temple hosts to a huge open air Kalyana Mantapa. This has been depicted as the site of the celestial wedding between Shiva and Parvati, and each of the pillars is a celebration of this – drummers and musicians adding to the atmosphere and lesser gods and goddesses blessing the couple.

Lepakshi Dinner Plate

Lepakshi Temple Courtyard

Lepakshi Sita Paada

Route Information:


Bellary Road

APTDC Restaurant - Haritha

Lepakshi is around 120 kms from Bangalore(Hebbal). One needs to take the Bellary Road and travel a distance of about 105 kms before hitting the AP Tourism Restaurant on the left. Just 100 meters from the restaurant take the left. From there on, it is a straight road 15 kms to the temple. Road condition was very good all through out.


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