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Day on Hills, Basadi Betta and Nijagal Betta


1. Srinivas R
2. Wife (Chumki) and Myself

Date: 7th October, 2012

Mode of Transport: Tata Indica

Basadi Betta (Mandharagiri):

Basadi Betta is also know as Mandharagiri as written on the whole rock surface of the hill. There are well carved steps, around 437, which would lead you to the top of the hill from the base. A small Jain temple is located above the hill top. Said to be around There are around 4 temples inside the premises fenced by barbed wire and huge brick walls. We were able to go inside the priest who was kind enough to hand over the keys to us. One can inquire at the office, which is located at the base of the hill. There seems to rooms for the pilgrims which visit this place.

Mandharagiri (Basadi Betta)


Mandharagiri Temples inside the premises

You can find art work on most of the single rocks top of the hill.

Arts on the rocks of Mandharagiri

One can also view lake Maidala from the top of the hill. Though it looks muddy, we were not sure as viewed from distance.

Maidala Lake as viewed from Basadi Betta

Just as you reach the base, one would come across a status of Jaina Chandraprabha Theerthankara.

Chandraprabha Theerthankara Statue


Panaromic View of the temples Mandharagiri

Nijagal Betta:

Nijagal Betta is a hillock which consists of ruined temples, forts, caves, bee hives and striking rock formations. There is a well defined pathway up to the top partly rocky terrain and partly sand gravels. The hillock makes itself unique by having hosted both a temple as well as a dargah.

Nijagal Betta


Nijagal Betta Temples in ruins

Nijagal Betta Fort Walls

The whole place is buzzing with people from the nearby villagers who have carried hen’s for sacrifice’s and people going to the dargah. The temple is located below a rock (cave) while the dargah is behind this. There is a small water pool just besides the dargah. You need to climb to the top to have the view of the fort walls. One can follow the electric light polls to the top of the fort.

Nijagal Betta Hanuman


Nijagal Betta Temple

Panaromic view from top of Nijagal Betta

It is said that the fort is built by Chikkadevaraya Wadiyar in the mid-17th century and later on taken over by Hyder Ali. One can see the remains of the fort walls on top of the hill. The view from the top of the hill top is breathtaking. One can also see the railway line track making it’s way like a snake.

In case you are an ornithologist, you would love this place, since the the rock caves and the food available, makes it an ideal habitat for nesting and breeding.

Route Information:

Basadi Betta:

Catch the highway NH4 to Tumkur from Bangalore. The place is around 10 kms before Tumkur. Look for a arch on the right hand side once you get site of the hill wherein Mandharagiri is written. Take a right through the arch and cross the railway track, Once you cross the track, travel around 500 meters till one takes the left until you reach the base of the hill. One can park directly at the base of the hill or near to the temple office. The place is around 65 kms from Hebbal.


Nijagal Betta:

Catch the highway NH4 to Tumkur from Bangalore and cross Dabaspet. Look out for Reliance Petrol Pump or Kamat Upachar (Adjacent to the petrol bunk). It would be around 3-4 kms from Dabaspet. The way to the base of the hill is just opposite to the petrol bunk. You need to pass the underpass to reach the base of the hill. In case you are travelling in a 4 wheeler you can park it at the petrol bunk or in hotel premises. 2 wheelers can go upto the base of the hill. The place is around 60 kms from Hebbal.


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