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Installing VMware Server 2.0.2 on Debian Squeeze

Tested both the 32 bit version as well as the 64 bit version of the VMware server 2.0.2. It seems none of them works out of the box in Debian. One need to apply patches but there are instances wherein even after applying the patches, the server fails to start up. Even the VMware Server forums were clueless about it. There are a lot of if’s and but’s to the solution.

Before starting the installation, you need to install the following packages:
apt-get install build-essential psmisc linux-headers-`uname -r`

Installing the 32 bit version.

1. Download the 32 bit VMware server .tgz file from
2. Extract the .tgz file.
3. Download the patch vmware-sever-2-0-2-32bit.tgz. Change the DIR in accordingly to your location of the VMware Server .tgz file.
4. ./ //vmware-server-distrib/lib/modules/source
5. cd //vmware-server-distrib
6. ./

Installing the 64 bit version.

1. Download the 64 bit VMware server .tgz file from
2. Extract the .tgz file.
3. Download the patch vmware-sever-2-0-2-64bit.tgz. Change the DIR in and the path in accordingly.
4. Patch is applied and the script will start the installation.

There might still be issues with SSL error being shown up. You can try doing the following,

1. mv /usr/lib/vmware/lib/ /usr/lib/vmware/lib/
2. /etc/init.d/vmware restart

Firefox version 3.6 will not show up the management interface. It will show up a blank screen. You need to have version lower then this.


1. VMware Server on 32 bit Debian Squeeze
2. VMware Server on 64 bit Debian Squeeze

Note: Refer to the links mentioned above for more information.


  1. Alvaro Gomes

    Thanks for this script! It works 100% and smoothly……great job!

  2. Hi,

    It took me like a whole week and thousands of different patches, removals, links etc. – your solution/patch is the only one that really works! No compiling errors with vmnet I’m logged in the GUI right now. Many many thanks for your work and for sharing this!

  3. We are presently runnnig everything in VMWare. Even the ESXi version is free now, so there isn’t really a good reason not to. True, that if I had a spare box around that met the minimum specs, I would just run it on it’s own. In our case, all we have are dual core Xeons :-\ . No reason to dedicate the entire machine to Untangle. I tried runnnig it with 512 Ram, which showed a slight lag. Bumped it up to a gig, and its runnnig fine. I don’t throttle the CPU to any of the VMs, so any of them can use the entire proc as needed.There is no reason to run Untangle specifically in a VM, other than the same reasons you would run anything in a VM. Rack space, power, hardware cost, etc.While we could get by runnnig everything without VM, I find the major advantage to doing everything in VMWare is that I can fire up and built a test environment at will if I want to mess with a particular OS, software, or whatever.

  4. M.P. van Dobben de Bruijn


    Thanks for this solution.

    BTW anybody ever noticed that the patch-downloads are named …-sever.. instead of …-server..

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