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Linux in BigBazaar Cash Counter

I have had visited BigBazaar a lot of times, but this time it was very special. I was offered an e-passbook during my last visit to the place for the purchases that I made (a definite amount of money). When this time I offered the card to the scanned before my billing the machines failed. It actually hanged. It was scanned in all the 3 cash billing counter and but none of them responded.

One of the counter guys restarted the system, and viola what I see, I can’t believe. It was giving an error and waiting for the root password to be typed in. “Press Ctrl D for maintenance”. I was very much astonished to see the retail shop shifting towards open source.

I did a bit of a search after coming back home, and I found out that it uses TPLinux on it’s POS and the solution has been brought from Wincor Nixdorf, a German based company. Future Group has claimed to have implemented around 6000 such units across its shops.

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