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How petrol pump attenders cheats?

Well, a simple answer to the above question… Distract the customer with all sort of questions.

I had some bitter experiences at least 3 times (not sure how many times before) in the last couple of months when I felt the attender has cheated me. And it became very true when I noticed the same when done to another person filling up.

As an example, when you say you could fill up X amount, they press 0 and after a few seconds the another attender will come and distract you with cash or all sort of questions. While you are answering those questions the former will press a key wherein you meter reading will say that you have filled up X amount.

The best way to save yourself is to avoid re-filling in this stations.

I am mentioning the petrol bunks wherein I was cheated and I request readers to keep your eyes glued to the meter while filling petrol in this stations.

1. Bharat Petrolum – Sanjaynagar Main Road
2. HP Petrolum – Munireddy Paliya (Towards Bangalore Cannt from Mekri Circle)
3. Indian Oil – Dasarahalli Main Road

Next time I will make sure I have the video footage of the whole act.

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  1. venkat

    Yep… u were cheated 3 times after u knew… Uffff… u need to be fast learner buddy..

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