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It was one of those happiest occasions, wherein Mrs. Purva Suryarao (Sandhya) gave birth to a cute baby girl on 7th July, 2010 at around 20:15 hrs. Dr. Krishnamurthy and family, Mr. Venkat and family were already present when the girl had her first breath in the world. I reached there at around 20:30 hrs and we were able to peep in to the room where she was kept along with her mates, before being shifted to her mom’s cabin. Mr. Gautam and family reached with sweets which we all shared. Mr. Purushottom was proud enough and proud to say that he had written “Father Of” in the medical form. After exchanging words, congratulating Mr. Purushottom, all went home with a happy mind. I was there, as Mr. Purushottom asked me to wait in case some things might be required.

I went to the cabin, where in Mrs. Purva Suryarao, was shifted. She was undergoing a lot of pain but the joy of being a mother, overwhelmed the pain. I felt like crying, after seeing the pain that she had to undergo for the birth. Giving birth is itself a rebirth to the mother due to the pain/trauma that she undergoes and in past there were incidents wherein only one of them used to live.

I quietly started comparing our complicated lives (which we have made complicated) with that of the life of a kid. A small thought which sprang up was that when we grow up, we don’t think of what trouble/pain our parents might have gone through in bringing us up. We just think of our own self and our worldly pleasures, and when questioned, we try to give ample reasons to justify ourself. Do any one of us try even to think of the mark would it leave on our parents. The fame, the respect that they have earned with all experience goes off by just one wrong deed of our and still we don’t care for that. Is this the way we should treat our parents? Or there are better ways of dealing with it.

D/O of Mr.Purushottom Suryarao


  1. Shree

    Cute pic ! Mmuuhaa.

  2. Shruthi

    True words. I wish the baby a bright future.

  3. Mohsin

    Do we really give time 2 our parents, as we always give time our friends….

    we are just means to ourself to live for ourself, we had forgotten the pain how our parents had suffered during our growth

  4. Great baby picture! Was that taken on the first day?

  5. Comment by post author

    Yes. It was taken 2 hrs after birth.

  6. shiny

    Dear Prashant,

    Thats a very sweet msg, can’t believe you wrote it…
    but really thats very cute!! Nice to get back to you online

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