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Bandh’s, Riot’s – Boon/Disgrace to the society…

29th June, 2010 – Chakka Bandh, Assam
5th July, 2010 – Bharat Bandh
10th July, 2010 – Bihar Bandh

A never ending list …

So, what/whom does it help? I am not sure whose whims it fulfills, but it leaves a huge impact on the state/centre revenues.

We humans have a good mentality of doing things and we Indian’s in particular, have one great quality. Up till our boundaries are safe, we don’t care for others. We have seen people breaking public property during the the time of bandh’s and riot’s but we don’t care. In the sense we don’t feel the pinch, since it does not go directly from our pocket. What we tend to forget is that the taxes that we pay to the government is being re-used for the public property. I have seen people being proud to say that they have destroyed public property. WT.? So, when some one breaks/destroys a public property, bottom line is that we pay for it in-directly. So who is to be blamed? The political babus who form of the government or the common people?

India, has been greatly driven by politics in the past as well as today. You can peep into and see the dirty politics/policies that goes into, for getting the throne. As a matter of fact, you can’t give a `clean chit` to most of the political leaders as of today. The very basic qualification is to have a `good criminal` background (except a few). And it is them who gives the verdicts of bandh’s and hartal’s just to get into limelight. The worst suffers are the common people, daily wagers and it cost an whopping amount of around 20,000 crore to the exchequer. Political parties don’t give a damm on that figure. And as common man, we sing the way to the parties. No one thinks about the money that is being lost since we don’t directly pay it.

Being a developing country we can not afford bandh’s and riot’s. It’s too expensive for the nation.

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