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SBI ATM’s using Windows

It was just by sheer luck that I came to know that SBI ATM’s are using Windows, to power it on. Woh!. I went to an SBI ATM to check my balance wherein I found that all the touchscreen utilities etc. are being loaded by Windows XP. Mostly the machine consisted of 2 partitions, C and D, In D there you had the files/bank details (did not opened any one of them) while the C drive had the configuration files. It worked like a normal touch screen PC, restarting, powering it off etc. One of my colleague then called up the helpline number that was printed just beside it to have the ATM checked.


SBI ATM using Windows XP Professional


  1. Why not they use Linux?
    are they feeding Microsoft and USA?

  2. Comment by post author

    Good question for which I too don’t have an answer. I would very well ask the same question to SBI.

  3. satyendra

    Hi Sagar and Ophiophagus,

    The reasons for using windows in all ATMS are as follows:
    1. Windows is an authorised SW produced by a company not like linux in which everyone is developer
    2. Bugs in the windows can get support regularly from Microsoft who is responsible if due to OS problem your money got transferred to somebody else??who is responsible to fix bugs if any in Linux
    3. ATM manfacture OS is not like normal OS eventhough the look and feel is same WIN XP, it has certain security features and specialised device drivers which work with the dispensers ..,Will Linux provide the same device drivers if so who will write???
    4. ATM manfacturers does not write OS for there machines they just buy from other source developing OS is again a big job and lot of effort needed they just customise the OS to there needs
    5. Yes, since NCR is the US company they will buy from Microsoft which is also US company and NCR is the largest ATM manfacture in the world

    I hope this answers your question why XP only and still I am not telling that LINUX cannot be used but it requires lot of effort to customise to the needs of BANK and general public.., time matters and technical ,commercial reasons also should work out.

    I am ex employee of NCR thanks

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    Thanks for your inputs.

    1. Microsoft is making business in both ways, both by first selling their OS and then charging for the bug fixes.
    2. Will Microsoft pay for wrong transactions that are made due to OS failures? Did anyone tried using LINUX on their ATM’s. All Big Bazaar Cash Counters run on LINUX terminals.

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