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Technology for the masses …

Well, today I had a good experience to see that India is really progressing. I went to my nearby shop to get to have a puff, when a distributor came, took out a hand held electronic gadget and ask the shopkeeper what things he would like to stock for consumers like us. The shopkeep gave a list of items to which, the vendor inputed in the device. Since I wanted to know, what was he exactly doing, I en quired about the device, to which he gave a small smile saying that, he is noting down the items that the shopkeeper was requesting and sending it to their main head office via GPS.

Woh!. When I checked the device, I could see the codes of the various items being instantaneously downloaded from their server. The user would just have to select the product code with the quantity. Cool hah! I was very happy to note that not only does it save paper, but also reduces delivery time bringing better efficiency. Moreover the best part of it was to see that technology is now being getting spread to the masses. It is just a matter of time, when electronic gadgets will fill up the masses and people will be using those technologies.

Technology for the masses (Contd) …

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    gr8 nice observation…..for a change is very good sharing 🙂

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