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Trip to Big Banyan Tree and Manchanabele Dam


1. Abul Hasim
2. Myself

Date: 24th Janurary, 2010

Mode of Transport: Bajaj Platina 125 cc

The Big Banyan tree located in the village of Ramohalli, around 28 kilometers from the city. It was a single plant covering around 3 acres, but the main root cease to exist now. Locals say that it is at least 400 years old.

The Manchanabele Dam is further down another 9 kms from the place. The dam is built in the catchment area where the rivers Arkavathy and Kumudvathy meet. The place is all surrounded by rocky hills. You can have a leisurely walk on the cris-cross country road. You can have a dip in the waters also, which seems tempting.

Route Information:

Take the Bangalore Mysore highway. After Kengeri take the right after Rajarajeshwari Dental College and Hospital. You will come across the railway crossing. Follow the raod which will lead to the place. There is a direct bus also from K R Market, 227.

Big Banyan Tree

Further down from that place, you will find a circle. Take the left towards ISRO centre. You could find the huge antennas on the left. Move further down on the same road you will have a full view of the lake from the hill top (road) itself. It is almost 9 kilometers from the Big Banyan tree.

ISRO antenna on the way to the dam


Beautiful road beside the dam

Manchanabele dam


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  1. Mohsin

    hey nice pic.. but did u had a dip in water kya??? and what is radar for??

  2. Comment by post author

    Nope, since we reached in the evening hours. People were swimming, washing vehicles. I am not sure why the antennas were put up, need to ask the ISRO people. 🙂

  3. imran

    Well presented this time, adequate pictures at right places helped me to visualize your pathway. Infact you can try to put some video clips too…………….


  4. Amy

    hey nice pic.. but did u had a dip in water kya??? and what is radar for??

  5. Comment by post author

    No, we did not take a dip in the water, but there were some people who were swimming. The radar that you see is from the ISRO station that located nearby. I am not very sure why is the radar put up there, but what I gather is that it was being used for Chandrayan project.

  6. asur

    great place beautiful but its is said to be the most dangerous waters…………..because of whirlpools. sand digging very deep and also unfriendly locals …………………..swimming is a big no because of innumerable deaths at the spot. i know this from personal experience

  7. Comment by post author

    Yes, this time around when I went there, we were barred from entering the waters as police personnel did not let us in. We were informed that some college student got drowned therein.

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