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Legalization of world’s oldest profession


Prostitution is known to be the world’s oldest profession/trade. There has been issues raised for legalizing this profession but little minimum has been actually done to legalize it.

If prostitution were made legal what could we gain,

1. Reduce victimization of prostitutes as well as the criminal activities that are associated with it.
2. Control STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Disease) through regular checkups.
3. Get prostitutes off the street and put them in a better environment.
4. Put our cops in fighting crimes rather in this social elements.
5. Get young women away from drugs in in order to turn them into prostitutes.
6. Eliminate a significant source of income for organized crime.
7. Put this multi-million dollar business on the tax rolls, and earn some revenue.

Your inputs …


  1. No.

    crime is involved in easy making money and if it is legalised then just imagine what will be productiveness of a region which has no business than prostitution.

    prostitution is side effect of no proper education ( & sex education ). so education and career building are basic block of an strong society.

  2. Aakriti


    because it wil harm the society in many fields.

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