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Necessity for new states?

Necessity for new states?


They have there own pros and cons. But what I would like to ask is whether there is actually a need for it or it is just from a politcal prespective of view to create a new cabinet. Where did the creation of new state come from? Will the formation solve the issues, if ‘yes’, how? Is the goverment not upto mark, if ‘yes’, why? What do you require it? …

Questions, questions and questions. Some of which you will have answer to, while the others, you will have to think or look at your representative face for the answer.

Question: Why do you require it?

Answer: Normal wordings from a common person, “The government is not doing anything for us. They treat us very rudely (step-motherly treatment). We are getting less benefits as compared to other counter parts and are being treated as minors etc. “. Well, is that the reality?

As a lay man, you are totally unaware of what is going on in politics, nor will you try to figure it out. Why make our hands dirty. You are fed into a notion that the government is not doing anything for you, by the local politicians. Have anyone asked their representatives, how much money has been allocated for the development? 99% of the people will say `NO`. Reason – A lay man would not like to lay his hands in dirty politics. And the rest 1% would be presented with the picture that the government is not committing funds nor making any efforts for the development of the region. Is that true?

When you read the reality, the picture is somewhat different. First – You need to have good presenters who can present the ground situation to the government, what are the requirements, needs, expectation etc. of a common man. Second – You should project the overall financial requirements for meeting those. Third – You should have the ability to spend the budgeted allocation for the uplift of the society. Most of the funds allocated for the development of a region is not properly utilized or it goes to the hands of people who does the not utilize. The government pays once, twice but the the third time it will think before paying since the allocated funds are not being utilized. This rosy situation of funds not being utilized will not be presented to the common man, instead the wordings would be that, the government has not allocated funds for the development. As my friend says, “When you say a lie again and again, it takes the shape of truth”.

Question: Will the formation of new state solve the issues?

Answer: The most obvious answer from the common man, “Yes, it will solve all our problems. We will have our own set of rules, our own voice etc .”

Oh, in that case every layout should ask for it’s independence. It would be good. But in reality, that is not the case. What are the chances that tomorrow from the same state there will be more demands, more violence, more bitterness. The resources that you spend for maintaining it is much more than that is actually required when you are united. Every new state that is being formed will have their own rules, own things to guard to, have their own financial commitments. From where will all these come?

A very fine example could be your own house. Once you were united, staying with your uncle’s/aunt’s, harvesting the same paddy and living happily. Then came the concept of nuclear family, and you are left with a cosmetic smile on you face and now you have half of the harvested paddy. Tomorrow again, the same will happen and you are left with one fourth of the original and so on and so forth. And as time passes by, you own nothing. Is the same going to happen?

The more nuclear you become, the more the risk’s are to defend/save. The resources also multiply in folds though the quality will not be good. Development will also suffer. So better think.

I am not being biased towards the government but some issues should be dealt smoothly taking into considerations of it’s pros and cons, the effect/after effects that it will happen in the society after the change. And the more important, people should be aware what will happen. Stop pulling the uneducated masses for your vote banks, Mr. Politics. Humanity pays a huge price.

United you stand divide you fall.


  1. venkat

    Yep… the stageshow of politics is really biting our backyard, slowly. The uneducated & less informed people are misguided by politicians who want to run the show by bringing some or the other ‘non-issues’ to public limelight. The poor common man is never served better, whatever be the issue under lime light. State division is another issue, where lot of cost may be spent…. but common man gets the same deal finally.

  2. Comment by post author

    Yes, division is just an additional expenditure to the government exchequer. The base of it, is that people should be educated for what their actual needs are, not just blindly follow what their political leaders say. And if their elected representative mislead them, they have the masses to bring them down. And if their elected representative does nothing for the development, they have the right to ask the question to them.

  3. Aakriti

    Division is simple additional burdon their is no need for new states the politicians are misguiding the class of some less educated people only for their selfish motive their is really need to make peoples aware abouts all these through education.these leaders instead of concentrating on development they try to mislead these poor peoples.

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