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Marriages – Past, Present and Future

Marriage in India, is considered to be one of the most auspicious occasion and is an one tome event in one’s life. As human race progresses, marriages have also undergone some considerable amount of change in them as well to cope up with the changes. This is not a comparative study but just some views about the changes that has been brought up.


People used to get married young and would marry for economic reasons. They used to get married wo married who they were told to marry. They had children right away, and lots of children. They stayed in their marriages even if they were unhappy, abused or felt unfulfilled. People used to get married to solve the disputes between two tribes/clans etc. also. There are incidents also wherein a guys goes out and captures a women.

Matchmaker also had an important role to play in this period. People used to rely to them for arranging marriages.


Today, more and more couples are waiting until they are in their 30’s to marry. They often don’t marry due to economic reasons. They marry someone they love. They postpone having children, and they limit the number of children they do have. If the marriage doesn’t work out, they have no guilt in getting a divorce.


There will be fewer people getting married. There will be less social stigma with couples who want to live in non-traditional arrangements. Same-sex marriage will be accepted in more countries.


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