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Smart/Reliance Fresh Blues

A small incident which I thought I should write about, to let others also know about it.

I needed to get some vegetables so was my friend. And as such we went to the market to get those. We checked the price of some items with the local shops and later went to the supermarket to check the same for better pricing. We got Chili and Potato. The displayed price of Chili and Potato was Rs. 16.50 each. We happily got the items, as the price was on the lower side as compared to the outside market. Bill was generated and after paying we started to move out, but suddenly my friend had a look into the bill and just for his curiosity went to check the displayed price. To our utter dismay, there was the price difference. The supermarket charged Rs. 19.00 and Rs. 18.90 respectively for those items. It seemed that we were cheated. When inquired, we were given a blunt reply saying that the prices are valid only the next day. We had to argue with the staff to get the correct price for those items.

On the other day, we went to another supermarket to get some stuff. We got the stuff, but the free items that were listed in the packs were not given to us. Had to have an argue again to get it. Doesn’t it make sense that the person’s billing it, should have accounted for the free items listed.

What I felt is that, as the number of supermarket grows along with it’s consumer base, the profit that they make with small difference in the price increase per quantity is very much. And in this fast life where there is very less time for all this, very few people check whether they are paying the price of the item as displayed. Maybe since the number of items that we brought were less and hence we were able to find the price difference of the items. But as the quantity grows you tend to loose the displayed price of each item and we take into granted that the supermarket has charged for what we have brought and as per the price. I think it is time to open one’s eyes and as the popular add goes “Jago Ghrahak Jago”.

This would seem silly to many people but the real fact is supermarket’s are minting money from our ignorance.

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