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Smoking Weed!

Oops, not a good topic to write about. Anyway one of my colleague Aswin called me and asked whether he can stay with me for a day, and have some fun at home, since we have not met each other for some months. Invited our common friend Shrikant also, but he was busy with some other work and hence was not able to make it. Anyway we two were at my place cooking dinner. Thought of drinking but my friend was not up for drinking as he was trying to quit. To my utter surprise he had a small amount of weed in a plastic bag. Hurray! party mood on. He mixed tobacco along with weed and prepared a cigar (looked liked the same). After cooking was over, we both went to the balcony to smoke. Though one cigarette does not make one high, but still it has been some years since I last smoked weed.

We had dinner and slept like anything, only to get up at 8.30am in the next day.

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  1. Aswin M. Sahadevan

    I am guessing the dinner tasted very brilliant? 😉

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