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Religion v/s Humanity

Well what to say. The topic itself is self-explanatory.

There was this death of one of the colleague’s sister’s who was a `Christian` by birth. She was born and brought up in Mumbai as as such holds the registration in one of the church therein. She was married to a `Muslim`. After suffering from cancer, she passed away one day at her residence in Bangalore.

The worst part begins. Life can’t be so bad after death also. Being a `Christian` she would have to be cremated. But as the request was passed on to the church authorities, they refused to do so saying that since she was registered in Mumbai, they are not in a position to cremate her at Bangalore. WT.? My friends persuade to the church authorities but all in vain. It seemed like screaming in front a deaf person. The `father` of the church ask them to raise the matter to his higher authorities `bishop` for it to get cremated. But by that time, everyone had lost their patience.

My friend later ask her family members whether it can be done by `Hindu` rituals, to which all of them agreed. The body was later burnt as per `Hindu` rituals. Well lucky fellow, to be a part of all the religions.

My question. Is `Hindu` religion being too generous? I am not a person to comment on it. But what I felt after the incident is that, we created `Religion` first and then `God`. There is no place for humanity in today’s world. That’s what we have.

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