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A day to remember

Almost two years as of today. The doom day, 10th March 2007, 2:30 am. It was early morning or as you can say late night when I lost someone, who is/was very close to my heart, admist social values. Whom I have loved more than myself. It was not the matter of just one person but my whole family. My wife `Jahnovi`, unborn children `Pooja` and `Rahul`. At that moment I felt like killing myself, but why?

Am I still alive to find the answer to the question or what, or still trying to figure out what was wrong or what went wrong. This lives a big question on my life.

I am still searching for my lost wife and childrens with a hope that they will one day or the other I will find them from the past. I think that I am not so perfect as one should be, taking things as granted or taking life too easy with whatever comes my way …. One needs to learn from the past but am I dumb enough not to learn from it?

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