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Accident !

Hmm … Not a nice topic to write about, but since it happened, so why not write it! The auspicious day was 15th Feb, when I met with an accident.

We were coming from Gopalaswamy Betta near Bandipur National Park in three bikes. Partha an Mani in Passion, Guru and Ishier in Pulsar while I was on my Platina. Guru zoomed passed at 90 kmph, while Partha at 70 kmph. I was leisurely driving at 55 with speed lock on.

It was 10 kms from Bendur when a motorcycle coming from the opposite direction took a right turn without any indication. I applied brakes but it was unstoppable. Just bumped straight into it. Both the man and women fell to the ground. I also fell after them. Seemed like an AXN stunt. For one moment, I thought I was in heaven. Grabbed my mobile, gave SOS call to Partha and Ishier. Wrist swollen by that time.

Came back to Mysore late in the evening after waiting for hours for the policemen in Bendur Police Outpost. Thought of logging a complain, but no time to visit Bendur agian and again. Mani, Partha and myself went to Aditya Nursing Home. I was feeling dizzy by that time as I had not have enough food. I just felt down on the hospital floor after informing Partha that I am going to fall :-). He had no time to react to what I said. Waited for the doc to put a POP and came back to Bangalore that night itself.

It was on 19th Feb 2009, that I was admitted to the Baptist Hospital by Ashok Rao and Purushottam. Room number 3202, deluxe room. And after staying leisurely for one and half day, the `D` day came. It was 21st Feb 2009 that I was being operated. I went into the OT at around 7:30 am and the time I got my senses back was at around 11:30 am. A Titanium Plate had been implanted in the right hand with 16 staples to support the incision. The staples were removed on 7th March 2009. The doctor asked to do lot of exercise. While writing the article there is still no wrist movement.

I would like to thank Mr. Prem Chand Gautam, Mr. Ashok Rao, Mr. H. Venkatraman, Mr. Purushottom Suryarao, Mr. Avinash Chinchure and Mr. H. Krishnamurthy for all the help. I know there is no word such as `Sorry` and `Thanks` between friends but still. I would also like to thank Mrs. Maithily, Mr. Abdul, Mr. Chakrapani and Mr. Pranab Kumar Deka.

Last but not the least, Mr. Shrikant Gaikwad, who is always there, whenever I am admitted to a hospital.

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