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Debian on Compaq Armarda 1500C

Compaq Armada 1500C? What is this? A jeep with 1500 cc cylinders? Ha ha ha. Nope, it is a Pentium II series notebook with 366Mhz processor, 12.1 Inch Display, 4 GB HDD, 32MB RAM, 24X CD-ROM and 56K Modem. A bulky piece compared to today’s one. Technology has changed drastically and so has the gadgets.

This antique piece was their for re-installation of the OS. And guess what is was running, our dear own M$ 98, which sucks. The first impression that came in my mind was, why not scrap this laptop? It would do no good to itself, with installing M$ on it. But behind my mind I thought why not install Debian and check it once. So, all set to work.

Downloaded the Debian Net Installer ISO and burnt it in the CD. CD-ROM taking it’s own sweet time to read the files from the CD. But finally was able to install it. Took almost one hour for installation. Checked the hard disk space it occupied, aila only 356 MB with no GUI and the most important the modem is detected and you can use it out of the box. apt also works. So all set to install the X window. Thought of many options but finally decided to install Xfce. So after installing the disk space consumed was less then 800MB and you had 3 GB of space left for your work. Woh! good great. Had a beast tamed with Debian. 🙂

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