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It was one of those happiest occasions, wherein Mrs. Purva Suryarao (Sandhya) gave birth to a cute baby girl on 7th July, 2010 at around 20:15 hrs. Dr. Krishnamurthy and family, Mr. Venkat and family were already present when the girl had her first breath in the world. I reached there at around 20:30 hrs and we were able to peep in to the room where she was kept along with her mates, before being shifted to her mom’s cabin. Mr. Gautam and family reached with sweets which we all shared. Mr. Purushottom was proud enough and proud to say that he had written “Father Of” in the medical form. After exchanging words, congratulating Mr. Purushottom, all went home with a happy mind. I was there, as Mr. Purushottom asked me to wait in case some things might be required.

I went to the cabin, where in Mrs. Purva Suryarao, was shifted. She was undergoing a lot of pain but the joy of being a mother, overwhelmed the pain. I felt like crying, after seeing the pain that she had to undergo for the birth. Giving birth is itself a rebirth to the mother due to the pain/trauma that she undergoes and in past there were incidents wherein only one of them used to live.

I quietly started comparing our complicated lives (which we have made complicated) with that of the life of a kid. A small thought which sprang up was that when we grow up, we don’t think of what trouble/pain our parents might have gone through in bringing us up. We just think of our own self and our worldly pleasures, and when questioned, we try to give ample reasons to justify ourself. Do any one of us try even to think of the mark would it leave on our parents. The fame, the respect that they have earned with all experience goes off by just one wrong deed of our and still we don’t care for that. Is this the way we should treat our parents? Or there are better ways of dealing with it.

D/O of Mr.Purushottom Suryarao

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Bandh’s, Riot’s – Boon/Disgrace to the society…

29th June, 2010 – Chakka Bandh, Assam
5th July, 2010 – Bharat Bandh
10th July, 2010 – Bihar Bandh

A never ending list …

So, what/whom does it help? I am not sure whose whims it fulfills, but it leaves a huge impact on the state/centre revenues.

We humans have a good mentality of doing things and we Indian’s in particular, have one great quality. Up till our boundaries are safe, we don’t care for others. We have seen people breaking public property during the the time of bandh’s and riot’s but we don’t care. In the sense we don’t feel the pinch, since it does not go directly from our pocket. What we tend to forget is that the taxes that we pay to the government is being re-used for the public property. I have seen people being proud to say that they have destroyed public property. WT.? So, when some one breaks/destroys a public property, bottom line is that we pay for it in-directly. So who is to be blamed? The political babus who form of the government or the common people?

India, has been greatly driven by politics in the past as well as today. You can peep into and see the dirty politics/policies that goes into, for getting the throne. As a matter of fact, you can’t give a `clean chit` to most of the political leaders as of today. The very basic qualification is to have a `good criminal` background (except a few). And it is them who gives the verdicts of bandh’s and hartal’s just to get into limelight. The worst suffers are the common people, daily wagers and it cost an whopping amount of around 20,000 crore to the exchequer. Political parties don’t give a damm on that figure. And as common man, we sing the way to the parties. No one thinks about the money that is being lost since we don’t directly pay it.

Being a developing country we can not afford bandh’s and riot’s. It’s too expensive for the nation.


Slow NFS mount and Firefox

Well, I came across this problem just some days ago, when one of the servers had rebooted n number of times after someone had put the UPS on by pass mode. Firefox opens up but the stop, refresh buttons are all disabled. When Googling around, it was mentioned that it was a bug in Firefox 3.0.x with .sqlite files being broken. I tried deleting the profiles but still not working.

Moreover the same server had the slow mounting of NFS issue. Users would just wait for at least a minute after issuing the `ls` command and when login to GUI mode, it would just be in some state of hangover mode. I tried re-installing NFS kernel server along with updating the kernel, but still no help.

When doing a search somewhere it was mentioned that host needs to be identified. Since I was using IP’s, I thought it would not be a problem, but later on I found out that you need to make entries so that `idmapd` is able to locate it, some sort of a reverse DNS lookup. While restarting nfs-common you see two services being start, idmapd and statd. `idmapd` is the NFSv4 name mapping daemon. It provides functionality to the NFSv4 kernel client and server, to which it communicates via upcalls, by translating user and group IDs to names, and vice versa, while statd creates a file in /var/lib/nfs/statd/sm. When starting, it iterates through these files and notifies the peer rpc.statd on those machines. In case it does not find, it just takes it’s own time to mount it.

The same solved both the problems and user’s are also using it without any complaint.


Spectacled Cobra at our `mane` (house)

Today evening at around 19:00 hrs a spectacled cobra tried was trying to climb up through the stair case to reach first floor. One my colleague Mr. Venkat, who is living downstairs was able to notice it and called the snake catcher Shivappa from Kodigehalli. It was almost more than 5 ft in length when it was lifted of the ground. The cobra had an unusual pattern on its hood instead of the usual fear-inducing spectacles. The snake catcher was able to click some photographs.

Spectacle Cobra


It was displayed at Cubbon Park for public viewing, and the news is put up on The Hindu paper.

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India’s Small (Big) Mantri Square

The Mantri Square located in Bangalore, was inaugurated on 16th March, 2010 by BS Yeddyurappa, Chief Minister of Karnataka. It is informed to be the biggest mall in India covering an area of about 9,19,516 sq. ft. with a parking space of 2,080 sq. ft. A mind boggling 200-230 outlets in retail space will be merchandising and selling their wares in this mall. They have an additional 36 options in Food court with 6 Inox screens with SCARE house too. You can find outlets of Spar, Reliance, Pantaloon, Lifestyle, Shopper’s Stop, Acer, HP etc. all under one roof. A complete shopping solution.

The best part of the mall is the parking area which is free (as of now) with double decker parking for cars. Auto parking is also on their cards. When inquired about the double decker parking (which seems to be first in Bangalore) to one of the service person, he informed about it’s functionality. One slot is always free so that cars from top can be pulled down. A full bay has 5 slots in the bottom while 4 slots in the top wherein the top open 5th slot is used to navigate the other cars parked up, to be lowered down. It was amazing to see the technology that is being used.




SBI ATM’s using Windows

It was just by sheer luck that I came to know that SBI ATM’s are using Windows, to power it on. Woh!. I went to an SBI ATM to check my balance wherein I found that all the touchscreen utilities etc. are being loaded by Windows XP. Mostly the machine consisted of 2 partitions, C and D, In D there you had the files/bank details (did not opened any one of them) while the C drive had the configuration files. It worked like a normal touch screen PC, restarting, powering it off etc. One of my colleague then called up the helpline number that was printed just beside it to have the ATM checked.


SBI ATM using Windows XP Professional

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Technology for the masses …

Well, today I had a good experience to see that India is really progressing. I went to my nearby shop to get to have a puff, when a distributor came, took out a hand held electronic gadget and ask the shopkeeper what things he would like to stock for consumers like us. The shopkeep gave a list of items to which, the vendor inputed in the device. Since I wanted to know, what was he exactly doing, I en quired about the device, to which he gave a small smile saying that, he is noting down the items that the shopkeeper was requesting and sending it to their main head office via GPS.

Woh!. When I checked the device, I could see the codes of the various items being instantaneously downloaded from their server. The user would just have to select the product code with the quantity. Cool hah! I was very happy to note that not only does it save paper, but also reduces delivery time bringing better efficiency. Moreover the best part of it was to see that technology is now being getting spread to the masses. It is just a matter of time, when electronic gadgets will fill up the masses and people will be using those technologies.

Technology for the masses (Contd) …

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Legalization of world’s oldest profession


Prostitution is known to be the world’s oldest profession/trade. There has been issues raised for legalizing this profession but little minimum has been actually done to legalize it.

If prostitution were made legal what could we gain,

1. Reduce victimization of prostitutes as well as the criminal activities that are associated with it.
2. Control STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Disease) through regular checkups.
3. Get prostitutes off the street and put them in a better environment.
4. Put our cops in fighting crimes rather in this social elements.
5. Get young women away from drugs in in order to turn them into prostitutes.
6. Eliminate a significant source of income for organized crime.
7. Put this multi-million dollar business on the tax rolls, and earn some revenue.

Your inputs …

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Mininova is legal

Mininova is going LEGAL. I wanted to download some movies and went to my favorite torrent website and to my utter surprise, Mininova does not serve movie torrents now. It has gone legal distributing contents only. No more movie torrents now.

This can be found at


Necessity for new states?

Necessity for new states?


They have there own pros and cons. But what I would like to ask is whether there is actually a need for it or it is just from a politcal prespective of view to create a new cabinet. Where did the creation of new state come from? Will the formation solve the issues, if ‘yes’, how? Is the goverment not upto mark, if ‘yes’, why? What do you require it? …

Questions, questions and questions. Some of which you will have answer to, while the others, you will have to think or look at your representative face for the answer.

Question: Why do you require it?

Answer: Normal wordings from a common person, “The government is not doing anything for us. They treat us very rudely (step-motherly treatment). We are getting less benefits as compared to other counter parts and are being treated as minors etc. “. Well, is that the reality?

As a lay man, you are totally unaware of what is going on in politics, nor will you try to figure it out. Why make our hands dirty. You are fed into a notion that the government is not doing anything for you, by the local politicians. Have anyone asked their representatives, how much money has been allocated for the development? 99% of the people will say `NO`. Reason – A lay man would not like to lay his hands in dirty politics. And the rest 1% would be presented with the picture that the government is not committing funds nor making any efforts for the development of the region. Is that true?

When you read the reality, the picture is somewhat different. First – You need to have good presenters who can present the ground situation to the government, what are the requirements, needs, expectation etc. of a common man. Second – You should project the overall financial requirements for meeting those. Third – You should have the ability to spend the budgeted allocation for the uplift of the society. Most of the funds allocated for the development of a region is not properly utilized or it goes to the hands of people who does the not utilize. The government pays once, twice but the the third time it will think before paying since the allocated funds are not being utilized. This rosy situation of funds not being utilized will not be presented to the common man, instead the wordings would be that, the government has not allocated funds for the development. As my friend says, “When you say a lie again and again, it takes the shape of truth”.

Question: Will the formation of new state solve the issues?

Answer: The most obvious answer from the common man, “Yes, it will solve all our problems. We will have our own set of rules, our own voice etc .”

Oh, in that case every layout should ask for it’s independence. It would be good. But in reality, that is not the case. What are the chances that tomorrow from the same state there will be more demands, more violence, more bitterness. The resources that you spend for maintaining it is much more than that is actually required when you are united. Every new state that is being formed will have their own rules, own things to guard to, have their own financial commitments. From where will all these come?

A very fine example could be your own house. Once you were united, staying with your uncle’s/aunt’s, harvesting the same paddy and living happily. Then came the concept of nuclear family, and you are left with a cosmetic smile on you face and now you have half of the harvested paddy. Tomorrow again, the same will happen and you are left with one fourth of the original and so on and so forth. And as time passes by, you own nothing. Is the same going to happen?

The more nuclear you become, the more the risk’s are to defend/save. The resources also multiply in folds though the quality will not be good. Development will also suffer. So better think.

I am not being biased towards the government but some issues should be dealt smoothly taking into considerations of it’s pros and cons, the effect/after effects that it will happen in the society after the change. And the more important, people should be aware what will happen. Stop pulling the uneducated masses for your vote banks, Mr. Politics. Humanity pays a huge price.

United you stand divide you fall.

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