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A day at Lepakshi


1. Ritumoni and Biswajyoti
2. Wife (Chumki) and Myself

Date: 17th March, 2013

Mode of Transport: Tata Indica

Many people have termed this place as a MUST to what you see in and around Karnataka. And as such we also have been planning to have a round about of this place for more then 2 weeks before we suddenly decided to have a go.

Lepakshi is a small village located in the Anantapur District, in Andhra Pradesh, India, having it’s own historically and archaeologically importance. There are three shrines dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu and Virabhadra out of which the Virabhadra shrine is notable. The temple boasts of the architectural style of the Vijayanagara empire.

Basavanna (Nandi):

Monolithic Nandi Bull at Lepakshi

The colossal monolithic bull is a remarkable piece of masterpiece, being about 15 feet in height and around 27 feet in length. The Nandi faces to the huge Linga carved out of a rock at Virabhadra temple. The Linga is shaded by a seven headed cobra (Naga-Linga).

Naga-Linga at Virabhadra Temple

Virabhadra Temple:

Lepakshi Temple

Lepakshi Sculpture

Lepakshi Sculpture 2

The priest was kind enough to explain the existence of the place in Hindi.

Open Air Kalyana Mantapa:

Lepakshi Kalyana Mantapa

The temple hosts to a huge open air Kalyana Mantapa. This has been depicted as the site of the celestial wedding between Shiva and Parvati, and each of the pillars is a celebration of this – drummers and musicians adding to the atmosphere and lesser gods and goddesses blessing the couple.

Lepakshi Dinner Plate

Lepakshi Temple Courtyard

Lepakshi Sita Paada

Route Information:


Bellary Road

APTDC Restaurant - Haritha

Lepakshi is around 120 kms from Bangalore(Hebbal). One needs to take the Bellary Road and travel a distance of about 105 kms before hitting the AP Tourism Restaurant on the left. Just 100 meters from the restaurant take the left. From there on, it is a straight road 15 kms to the temple. Road condition was very good all through out.



Tata Indica Xeta GLS

Going by the price rise in petrol, it was a tough choice to make whether it is a wise choice to buy a petrol car. But giving the extra amount you spent in buying the diesel car upfront is almost equivalent to the amount that you would spend in running the petrol car for some years. This is with consideration that the daily commute is less 50 kms. Moreover, in case of a petrol car the maintenance headache is much less.

So, taking into considerations of all this factors, I gifted myself the car on 19th May, 2012 with a 1.4L engine.

Tata Indica Xeta GLS


How to bypass Airtel torrents block

I have being using my Airtel Broadband connectivity for our residence mostly for browsing and downloading movies of the torrent sites. But lately, I have noticed that all the torrents sites has been blocked since last Friday. When one try to browse,, you are shown a screen stating “Access to this site has been blocked as per Court Orders”. Damm, how to download, from where to download.

Airtel blocking torrent kickasstorrent site

Solution: Use a secured connection for accessing the sites. Use https instead of http. would work like a charm. Seems like ISP forgot to block those 🙂

Bypass Airtel blocked torrent sites using https

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Money, Money and Money

Who does not want ? From a small child who knows the value, to the eldest person, everyone runs after it and tries to possesses the most, irrespective of the ways of attaining it. Why so craze? Is it simply an instrument or an addictive drug, the more you have, the more you want. It is very difficult to have an exact answer but yes, it is a drug which you need to have to survive this materialistic world.


Technology for the masses (Contd) …

One more instance that I ran into. We had gone out for dinner to Sree Nandhini Palace, which is located in New BEL Road opposite to Beijing Bites, with one of my colleagues. Though I have visited this place many number of times, this was the first time I have noticed them using technology.

WiFi was installed in the whole area. Waiters were carrying iPhones instead of the regular pen and paper to take the orders. They have built in an customize application to run on them to take the orders as well as print them to a network printer near the counter.

Electronic gadgets being part of the common man shows the progress that India has made and about the economic reforms that it have undergone.

Waiter with the iPhone ready to take order

iPhone on the banane leaf

Technology for the masses …

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Linux in BigBazaar Cash Counter

I have had visited BigBazaar a lot of times, but this time it was very special. I was offered an e-passbook during my last visit to the place for the purchases that I made (a definite amount of money). When this time I offered the card to the scanned before my billing the machines failed. It actually hanged. It was scanned in all the 3 cash billing counter and but none of them responded.

One of the counter guys restarted the system, and viola what I see, I can’t believe. It was giving an error and waiting for the root password to be typed in. “Press Ctrl D for maintenance”. I was very much astonished to see the retail shop shifting towards open source.

I did a bit of a search after coming back home, and I found out that it uses TPLinux on it’s POS and the solution has been brought from Wincor Nixdorf, a German based company. Future Group has claimed to have implemented around 6000 such units across its shops.

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How petrol pump attenders cheats?

Well, a simple answer to the above question… Distract the customer with all sort of questions.

I had some bitter experiences at least 3 times (not sure how many times before) in the last couple of months when I felt the attender has cheated me. And it became very true when I noticed the same when done to another person filling up.

As an example, when you say you could fill up X amount, they press 0 and after a few seconds the another attender will come and distract you with cash or all sort of questions. While you are answering those questions the former will press a key wherein you meter reading will say that you have filled up X amount.

The best way to save yourself is to avoid re-filling in this stations.

I am mentioning the petrol bunks wherein I was cheated and I request readers to keep your eyes glued to the meter while filling petrol in this stations.

1. Bharat Petrolum – Sanjaynagar Main Road
2. HP Petrolum – Munireddy Paliya (Towards Bangalore Cannt from Mekri Circle)
3. Indian Oil – Dasarahalli Main Road

Next time I will make sure I have the video footage of the whole act.

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Chaos, chaos and chaos – Whom to blame?

Well, not a good article to write about, and that too against the place where I have being brought up and where my old child hood memories still run fresh. Should I consider myself unlucky to have written this, or what? But I can’t stop myself after seeing all these. What I present is a bird’s eye view of the chaos that is prevailing in the streets of Guwahati, Assam, where honking horns, traffic jams and accidents have now become the part and parcel of every Guwahatian.

But the question is, whom to blame. Government or the people? Let us put the words in a different way, from a third person’s perspective.

When one walk along the streets of Guwahati, what one notice more, footpaths or potholes or the ever going construction/renovation of the footpaths? Where will the common people walk?

Drivers have forgotten the very basics of driving. I think they should be sent to the driving school to do the basics right which includes lane driving and the reading signal boards. The very good example is that when one sees people parking their vehicles just besides the “No Parking Zone”, honk where is “No Horn” sign board and zoom pass when there are speed restrictions. That’s where basics comes into. Overtaking from the left side, driving in a zig zag manner can all be witness in the streets. Pillion riders are seldom seen wearing helmets, though there are lots of hoardings stating it’s necessity. There is always the urgency to reach the destination, not sure why that is true for everyone.

And the best what I witness, was city buses stopping in the middle of traffic signal and picking up travelers. The driver would not move until the bus is full. Sometimes it seemed that they would call people from the houses to board in. Common-on give a break, have some common sense.

One sees all sorts of vehicles in the road, ir-respective of whether that is main road or a connecting one. It does not matter. It just adds to the over whelming chaos.

Government also has some short comings. It’s projection towards the future is some what very less, almost negligible. Government should plan its project’s accordingly so that it could at lease sustain a minimum of 25-20 yrs. Projects are being carried out and by the tine it comes into reality, problems seemed to have multiplied in folds. Alternatives should be thought of before any implementation so to minimize the inconvenience caused to the public. One more factor to add is the bribe factor. Traffic rules are being violated left and right, but how many have of them has being imposed a fine. How much money has gone to the exchequer? Hardly any. Government Officers as well as the common user ar every happy to by-pass this and pay a small sum to the official, keeping both of them happy. Is this the way?

Rules are rules and they are made for the interest of the common public and it should not be implemented differently to a special class of people and differently to the other class. Government should be strong and potent enough in implementing the rules.

I don’t have any offense with any one of them, but it just projects a bad picture to the outside world and being an `Axomiya`, I too feel the pinch.


10,000 kms on the road

My bike has crossed the 10,000 kms on the road today. It took almost 1yr 10 months to complete this feet. This ensures that my bike odometer’s initial digit is also functional :-). It still gives me about 70 kms per litre of petrol.

10,000 kms on the odometer

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The race is on …

This is Ophiophagus giving you live update from the Bangalore-Mysore State Highway. Today, as every other day, we are about to witness the race to death in the Bangalore – Msyore State Highway. To keep you with the updates, I would again like to inform you about the rules and regulations that one has to meet before taking it on.

Participants: 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers, 4 wheelers, 6 wheelers, Trailers …
Contestants: Any user ir-respective of age
Vehicle: Any make, Local/Foreign
License: Not mandatory
Driving Skills: Not essential
Circuit: Bangalore – Mysore State Highway
Race Type: Death race
Timings: Open 24 hrs

The very good about this race track is that it is open to unrestricted public viewing and any one can participate from anywhere on that circuit and tend to increase on weekends. The track makes it’s way through small villages as well as some major cities, making it easily accessible to all the contestants.

Since I planned to push on updates on the track and the race status, I hoped into a Tata Indica and joined the already moving race group. I met the group at the Mysore intersection, one way coming from the city while the other being from the by-pass. Our driver was driving at 100 kmph, when I am being zoomed passed by 5 cars and when queried about the speed to him, he promptly said around 120-140 kmph. Our driver put his foot on the gas, and woh, we were also on par with them at 110 kmph. One Mercedes Benz and a Skoda Laura have just zoomed pass me at around 150 kmph leaving all of us behind trying to be the first. There is hardly and space between the two of the cars. If one puts on the brakes, I am sure the other would just ramp on the other. With both flashing indicators, they were just passing each one of us in the race track.

As we were cruising along on that speed, oh, what do I see! I see a cyclist trying to make it’s way on the the circuit. As far as I can see, he is seated on his Hero cycle, with one hand holding on to the cycle while the other hand trying to adjust his `lungi`, which does not seem be holding on to his waist. God, please don’t take his `lungi` off, else their might be a sudden increase in the Testosterone level in some contestants.

My driver would just shift the gears in order to lessen the speed along with the breaks. Oh what an idea, though it leaves the engine burning. As we are competing with one another, I notice a a group of villagers walking just beside the circuit, one set trying to cross the circuit and the other happily sitting by the side of the circuit gossiping, while our contestants are zooming by. Oh no. God save them.

The space that is between the cars is hardly a meter and everyone takes it granted that the former would not stop. The best part is that all the big vehicles would be driving on the extreme right so that other’s would have overtake through the left, a new overtake rule. They are the Big B’s of the road and would not give any indication while changing lanes making it difficult for us to shift and overtake. One needs to squeeze past them as we and fellow racers did.

I reached Bangalore and was lucky enough to complete the race and come out unharmed. Will update once again when I would be a part of the race. With government easing on the speed breakers rules on the roads, hope to have some more excitement as days go by.

This is Ophiophagus signing off for the day.


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