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On top of Madhugiri fort


1. Harsha
2. Srinvas R.
3. Chakrapani and family
4. Shrikant Gaikwad
5. Myself

Date: 27th November, 2011

Mode of Transport: Bajaj Platina 125 cc, Unicorn, Hero Honda Passion

Time: 9:30 hrs

It was a bit of yes/no, since it has been drizzling all these days and climbing the rocky surface can be a bit tricky. But as the weather forecast showed some(Sun) rays of hope we decided to go on the ride. We all assembled at the Nelamangala Toll Plaza at 9:30 hrs to start the journey. After crossing the toll road, we decided to have breakfast at Kamat, which is on the left (just before the Dobbaspet flyover).

Route Information:

As you go on towards Tumkur from Bangalore, one needs to take a right at below the Dobbaspet fly-over to go to Madhugiri. It is around 56 kms from the fly-over. This is a straight road till you reach Koratagere, where you need to take a right. The left goes to Tumkur. The same road takes you to Devaranyana Durg and Siddara Betta. The road condition after Koratgere is not so good. Though it a tar road but you can just see the pebbles in it. The total distance is about 114 kms from Heball (one way).

Madhugiri Fort:

The Madhugiri Fort, nestled in the steep slopes of the Madhugiri Betta in Tumkur District, was built around 1678 during the reign of Raja Hera Gowda during the Ganga period. Further fortification was done by Hyder Ali, to whom it is credited the most. Looking up from the base of the hill, Madhugiri Fort looks like a maze of randomly built series of strong walls on the slopes. There are a number Mantapas located in various parts of the fort overseeing the base. There are several water tanks along with granaries on top of the hill to serve to the needs of soldiers. It is one of the beautiful fort of the era. The fort looks like a maze of randomly built series of strong walls on the slopes.

At 3930 feet elevation, Madhugiri is a single hill and is the largest in Asia and second largest in the world.

Madhugiri Fort View from base

Time: 12:15 hrs

We reached the base of the fort and after parking our bike’s we started the climb at around 12:25 hrs. The initial climb was pretty easy with ASI doing some renovations and building up some good stone steps. As you pass the first guard wall you can view the glimpse of the 4th majestic fort wall.

Since the rains have just pass by in some months ago the greenery in the rocks is still alive. We had some nice photo shoots in an around the first fort wall.

Madhugiri Fort Mantap

As we move upwards, the steepness also increase but the small steps carved out on the rock made it look easy. There was a place where the water was flowing making it very slippery. The worst part was when we had cross a stretch with right side to the cliff and the other side is the fall. Thanks to the railing support, it was helpful to overcome this. It would have been a night mare without the support.

Railings for support

From there on there is no support, though now the climb is not so steep. For once you would feel that you are on top of the fort, but not to your wishes, you have to climb more. You could hardly see the fort walls from there. After taking some break some photo shoots we moved ahead to our destination. As you gasp your breath, you think what is next? How much more? But you would reach there in another 40 mins of walk from there.

Madhugiri Fort Climb without railings

Madhugiri Fort

A small fort welcomes you on the top. Though the walls are worn off, you can still figure out how good it was. There is also a small house, I assume it was for the soldiers, with natural lighting.

The view from the top is awesome. It can’t be described but should be felt.

View from top of Madhugiri Fort

Panaromic View of the surroundings

Time: 15:35 hrs

Fully satisfied with the view/scenery at the top, we started the decent to reach the base at around 16:50 hrs.

Time: 21:00 hrs

Reached home after having dinner at `Maruthi Panjabi Daba`, some 30 kms from Bangalore (on the right in case you are coming from Madhugiri fort).

The trekkers group

Total Odometer: 228 kms


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Trip to Marconahalli Dam, Melukote and Tonnur Kere


1. Harsha
2. Srinvas R.
3. Shrikant Gaikwad
3. Myself

Date: 20th November, 2011

Mode of Transport: Bajaj Platina 125 cc, Unicorn

Through-out my earlier trip blogs, I have no-where mentioned the time of start/end time, but I thought of having this for the first time, so that it would be useful to other travelers/biker’s also.

Time: 7:15 hrs

Marconahalli Dam:

Started alone from Kodigehalli to join the group at the Toll in the Tumkur Highway. We went pass Nelamangala and to took a left to follow the Bangalore-Mangalore Highway (NH 48). Driving in the morning hours is fun as you can have very less traffic and you can view the majestic hills far off covered with clouds. We drove at a leisurely pace taking snaps here and there. We reached the Kunigal by-pass and had breakfast the Brindavan Fast Food, on the right. We continued on the NH 48 to reach Markonahalli (opposite to Hotel Mathrushree). We took a left from their and after biking for around 8 kms, to reached our first destination.

Time: 10:45 hrs

Marconahalli dam built was built by Krishnaraja Wodeyar under the guidance of Visweswaraiah across the river Shimsha. As we reach the dam gates, we were welcome by the caretaker’s son Mr. Manjunath. He informed us the the dam has 6 crush gates and 5 siphons. With a depth of around 90 ft in the middle and an area of about 3500 sq. kms, the dam is a home for large number of fishes. Fishing is also practiced here in the morning hours. Mr. Manjunath took us downstairs (knee deep water) to give us a overview of the siphons and how it works as a suction pump to pump in access water, as it water moves above the danger level. The dam also hosts a rail for moving a temporary shield in case one of the main gates fails due to water pressure. The crane holding the rail is around 2 T as informed by him.

With water full, the view from the top of the dam was awesome. Crystal clear water glittering due to sun shine with a green grassy background, will be in the eyes of the viewer. There is also a park down there but it is not well maintained.

Marconhalli Dam Walls

Marconhalli Dam

Marconhalli Dam View

Siphon in the dam

Time: 11:50 hrs


We continued on the same road that led us to the dam. The green paddy fields on both sides made the ride worthwhile. We reached Nagamangala which is around 55 kms from the dam, and continued our journey towards Jakkanahalli. From there, Melukote is around 5 kms. We took a right there to start the climb to the temple. One haves the first glimpse of the temple standing tall on the top of the mountain on the left. Since the the visit is just after the rain, almost everywhere you can find out a lake with water full to it’s capacity.

The temple on the top of the hill is dedicated to Lord Yoga Narasimha. One needs to climb some steps to reach the temple. One can have a good beautiful view from the top of the temple top.

Naraswami temple view from base

Footsteps to the temple

Melukote Temple Entrance

A Kalyani is also located at the base of the temple.

Melukote Kalyani view from the top

The `Puliogare` which you get near the temple is told to be awesome, but we were unlucky to have it.

Time: 13:45 hrs

Tonnur Kere:

As we continue on the road from Jakkanahalli, at a distance of about 20 kms, we reach Mahadevpura. We took a right here to enter the village. As we make in roads through the village, we see the glimpse of the sugar factories. Sugar cane been crushed, juice being boiled and later put on vessels to make jaggery. It was an wonderful experience. We road for about 15kms to reach the lake.

This is an ideal location to enjoy lunch and spend time playing. The water, though safe near the shore, is said to be dangerous. Crystal clear water glittering due to sun shine was a view to be seen. People were there enjoying swimming and taking bath. Since the water was above the required level, a man made waterfall was also in place, wherein people were enjoying smashing water everywhere.

Tonnur Lake

Tonnur Lake View

Panaromic view of the lake

Time: 15:30 hrs

We continued on the same road to Padavapura and a glimpse of the village life. Sugar cane fields and factories on the either side and a smell of jaggery made it aromatic. We reached the Bangalore – Mysore highway and continued to reach Hotel Amravathi on the outskirts of Mandya, at around 16:30 hrs and leisurely spend some time there to relax ourselves.

Sugarcane juice being boiled

Jaggery is being prepared

Time: 19:30 hrs

Started from Hotel Amravathi on the Bangalore – Mysore highway, after having lunch/dinner back to Bangalore.

Time: 22:00 hrs

Reached back home to got hooked on to the Internet again to plan for the next trip.

The Group

At the end of the day we drove around 327 kms and thanking all of my travel mates for having such a wonderful journey.

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Money, Money and Money

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