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Slow NFS mount and Firefox

Well, I came across this problem just some days ago, when one of the servers had rebooted n number of times after someone had put the UPS on by pass mode. Firefox opens up but the stop, refresh buttons are all disabled. When Googling around, it was mentioned that it was a bug in Firefox 3.0.x with .sqlite files being broken. I tried deleting the profiles but still not working.

Moreover the same server had the slow mounting of NFS issue. Users would just wait for at least a minute after issuing the `ls` command and when login to GUI mode, it would just be in some state of hangover mode. I tried re-installing NFS kernel server along with updating the kernel, but still no help.

When doing a search somewhere it was mentioned that host needs to be identified. Since I was using IP’s, I thought it would not be a problem, but later on I found out that you need to make entries so that `idmapd` is able to locate it, some sort of a reverse DNS lookup. While restarting nfs-common you see two services being start, idmapd and statd. `idmapd` is the NFSv4 name mapping daemon. It provides functionality to the NFSv4 kernel client and server, to which it communicates via upcalls, by translating user and group IDs to names, and vice versa, while statd creates a file in /var/lib/nfs/statd/sm. When starting, it iterates through these files and notifies the peer rpc.statd on those machines. In case it does not find, it just takes it’s own time to mount it.

The same solved both the problems and user’s are also using it without any complaint.


Spectacled Cobra at our `mane` (house)

Today evening at around 19:00 hrs a spectacled cobra tried was trying to climb up through the stair case to reach first floor. One my colleague Mr. Venkat, who is living downstairs was able to notice it and called the snake catcher Shivappa from Kodigehalli. It was almost more than 5 ft in length when it was lifted of the ground. The cobra had an unusual pattern on its hood instead of the usual fear-inducing spectacles. The snake catcher was able to click some photographs.

Spectacle Cobra


It was displayed at Cubbon Park for public viewing, and the news is put up on The Hindu paper.

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