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Visit to Karwar and Goa


1. Anil Naik
2. Shrikant Gaikwad
3. Abul Hasim
4. Myself

Date: 25th Dec 2009

Mode of Transport: Bus, Train

Karwar is the administrative headquarters of Uttara Kannada district in Karnataka, India. It is a seaside town situated on the banks of the Kali river which is on the west coast of the Indian peninsula. The town lies about 15 kilometres south of the Karnataka-Goa border and 519 km north-west of Bangalore.

Goa is India’s smallest state by area and the fourth smallest by population. Located on the west coast of India in the region known as the Konkan, it is bounded by the state of Maharashtra to the north, and by Karnataka to the east and south, while the Arabian Sea forms its western coast.

Day 1:
A day at Karwar:

Karwar city was a small one. You could walk across the whole city on foot. The railway station is just 7 km from the main city Bus station. Road’s are clean and the best part was that, there were no traffic signals, Woh!

Rabindra Nath Tagore Beach, which lies on the by-pass to Goa, seems a lonely beach during the afternoon hours as we experienced. But as the sun was going down the horizon, crowds gather up to see the sunset. It was a great experience. The strong hitting of the waves against our body was a great feeling.

Day 2:
A day at Goa:

Beaches, Beaches and Beaches with bikini clad firangi’s, and Indian trying to match them.

Day 3:
A day at Devbagh beach resort, Karwar:

Devbagh resort is one of the few resorts from the forest departments of Karnataka. Actually it is just a few kilometers from Karwar city. You can either take a boat ride or a bus from Karwar itself. In case you are taking the boat ride you can see the Kali river meeting the Arabian sea. You can have a full/half day at the resort. Cottages/Tents are also available therein. You need to book the tickets in advance. The beach is some sort of a private beach wherein you are all on yourself. Water is crystal clear. You can actually find lot of small crabs all along the beach, though they are not at all dangerous. We had enjoyed very much. It is better not to venture out in the sea during the high tide.

After the visit from the resort, Shrikant and myself went to the INS Chappal, an Indian Navy Ship which is currently a museum at Karwar. We were able to see the machinery that runs an warship along with the ammunitions that it had carried while it was in commission, torpedo’s, gun’s and launcher’s. Proud of Indian Navy.

Day 4:
A day at Goa:

Beaches, Beaches and Beaches with bikini clad firangi’s and Indians trying to match them.

The good thing that I found was that, the beaches are being in constant vigilance by the Goa Tourism Department. Rescuers are positioned in many places with flags marking the area where swimming is to be carried out or not. This is being runned by the government through an organization named “Shristhi”. The rescuers are being well equipped with water proof walkie-talkies in order to communicate with each other and first aid kits. The only thing that the rescuers complained about was, that Indians would drink and swim in deep sea(some does not know how to swim), and would never follow the instructions specified, We Indians!. It is through their relentless efforts/vigilances of the guards like Anil, Madhav et all, that has made it possible for the Goa-n beaches to be safe and thereby reducing the number of mishaps that had occurred in the past. I salute them for their effort/service.

One liner: We should have control (Anil).

Lodging/Food at Karwar:

1. Hotel Navaratna Deluxe
2. Hotel Amrut

Last but not the least, a good place to visit with friends, eat and drink.

Goa Images:
Karwar Images:
Devbagh Beach:

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Legalization of world’s oldest profession


Prostitution is known to be the world’s oldest profession/trade. There has been issues raised for legalizing this profession but little minimum has been actually done to legalize it.

If prostitution were made legal what could we gain,

1. Reduce victimization of prostitutes as well as the criminal activities that are associated with it.
2. Control STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Disease) through regular checkups.
3. Get prostitutes off the street and put them in a better environment.
4. Put our cops in fighting crimes rather in this social elements.
5. Get young women away from drugs in in order to turn them into prostitutes.
6. Eliminate a significant source of income for organized crime.
7. Put this multi-million dollar business on the tax rolls, and earn some revenue.

Your inputs …

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GIMP removed from Ubuntu Lucid Lynx

I was going a Google search of what all applications the new Ubuntu will carry. Lots of modifications/ new splash screens etc. But I was surprise to see one post saying that GIMP is to be removed from the default installation. I went through the Ubuntu wiki and they had already had a post regarding this, some months ago,

The GIMP community also agrees to it, saying that the vision of GIMP is to be a high-end/expert application and Ubuntu removing it from the default installation shows the respect it deserves.

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Mininova is legal

Mininova is going LEGAL. I wanted to download some movies and went to my favorite torrent website and to my utter surprise, Mininova does not serve movie torrents now. It has gone legal distributing contents only. No more movie torrents now.

This can be found at


Necessity for new states?

Necessity for new states?


They have there own pros and cons. But what I would like to ask is whether there is actually a need for it or it is just from a politcal prespective of view to create a new cabinet. Where did the creation of new state come from? Will the formation solve the issues, if ‘yes’, how? Is the goverment not upto mark, if ‘yes’, why? What do you require it? …

Questions, questions and questions. Some of which you will have answer to, while the others, you will have to think or look at your representative face for the answer.

Question: Why do you require it?

Answer: Normal wordings from a common person, “The government is not doing anything for us. They treat us very rudely (step-motherly treatment). We are getting less benefits as compared to other counter parts and are being treated as minors etc. “. Well, is that the reality?

As a lay man, you are totally unaware of what is going on in politics, nor will you try to figure it out. Why make our hands dirty. You are fed into a notion that the government is not doing anything for you, by the local politicians. Have anyone asked their representatives, how much money has been allocated for the development? 99% of the people will say `NO`. Reason – A lay man would not like to lay his hands in dirty politics. And the rest 1% would be presented with the picture that the government is not committing funds nor making any efforts for the development of the region. Is that true?

When you read the reality, the picture is somewhat different. First – You need to have good presenters who can present the ground situation to the government, what are the requirements, needs, expectation etc. of a common man. Second – You should project the overall financial requirements for meeting those. Third – You should have the ability to spend the budgeted allocation for the uplift of the society. Most of the funds allocated for the development of a region is not properly utilized or it goes to the hands of people who does the not utilize. The government pays once, twice but the the third time it will think before paying since the allocated funds are not being utilized. This rosy situation of funds not being utilized will not be presented to the common man, instead the wordings would be that, the government has not allocated funds for the development. As my friend says, “When you say a lie again and again, it takes the shape of truth”.

Question: Will the formation of new state solve the issues?

Answer: The most obvious answer from the common man, “Yes, it will solve all our problems. We will have our own set of rules, our own voice etc .”

Oh, in that case every layout should ask for it’s independence. It would be good. But in reality, that is not the case. What are the chances that tomorrow from the same state there will be more demands, more violence, more bitterness. The resources that you spend for maintaining it is much more than that is actually required when you are united. Every new state that is being formed will have their own rules, own things to guard to, have their own financial commitments. From where will all these come?

A very fine example could be your own house. Once you were united, staying with your uncle’s/aunt’s, harvesting the same paddy and living happily. Then came the concept of nuclear family, and you are left with a cosmetic smile on you face and now you have half of the harvested paddy. Tomorrow again, the same will happen and you are left with one fourth of the original and so on and so forth. And as time passes by, you own nothing. Is the same going to happen?

The more nuclear you become, the more the risk’s are to defend/save. The resources also multiply in folds though the quality will not be good. Development will also suffer. So better think.

I am not being biased towards the government but some issues should be dealt smoothly taking into considerations of it’s pros and cons, the effect/after effects that it will happen in the society after the change. And the more important, people should be aware what will happen. Stop pulling the uneducated masses for your vote banks, Mr. Politics. Humanity pays a huge price.

United you stand divide you fall.

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Learning from mistakes

Well, the blog was down for almost 3 days. Reasons? My own mistake of deleting the database, without taking a backup. Stupidity of me. The reason was to move the blog from the current machine to another faster machine along with an upgrade of WordPress. After struggling for 3 days, getting the remote backup, looking at Google cache pages, I was finally able to get the blog working. Being a sysadmin, I should have taken care of backup, which I did not do.

Well the other good part was of the things I learnt, while trying to recover the database. Normally, when you configure MySql in Ubuntu/Debian, you are not provided with the option of creating binary logs. Binary logging will record in a binary file all SQL transactions executed and attempted on the server. By using the `mysqlbinlog` utility, the contents of the binary log file can be extracted so that the SQL statements may easily be rerun. To enable binary logging, add the following line to your server’s options file `my.cnf`.

log-bin = /var/log/mysql/mysql-bin.log

After making the entry above to your options file, you will need to restart the MySQL server for it to take effect.

Though I have personally not tested it out in a production server, I have tried using it on my laptop and what I notice from the log file is that it notes down each and every database transaction.

prasanta@ophiophagus:/tmp$ sudo mysqlbinlog /var/log/mysql/mysql-bin.000002 > /tmp/mysql.sql

This will create a mysqlsql text file which you can edit it manually.

I hope that this will help some person like myself in the future.