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Attitude !

Hmmm… A nice article to begin with. What do you think it is all about? Attitudes hah! What is that and how does one get (not the perfect word as the article goes on, it should have been ‘acquired’) it? This is not an article to teach you about it but just a small instance of what it can do when one feel oneself in the pinnacle of it.

The *narrative* story begins as such …

I had a chance to visit one of the reputed institute of India, National Centre of Biological Sciences, a sister institute of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. I was quiet amazed at the area the institute spans and how it has been maintained. Kudos to all the garden staff for that. The academic block, the administrative wing along with the substation, animal house, computer services were all well maintained. It is a great pleasure to see all the places inside NCBS as it is normally called. Being a research institute funded by
the DAE it is quiet remarkable to maintain it in such a high state.

I had the priviledge to attend one of the conferences that was going on in the institute. The number of participants were all great. It was a 5 day conference spanning from 14th December 2007 to 18th December 2007. During those days I got a chance to meet some of the great faculties in the field of biological research. I was quiet amazed at the rate at which they are working. Kudos to them as well as to the technical staff that were helping them in making such a great institution.

But the feature that diverted my mind during that period, was the disturbance the place was going on, as the phone lines along with the main internet line being down for almost 4 days in a row. Though the internet was working at a snail’s pace but the phone lines were all dead. The whole of technical staff was working in full strength as a team to make the phone lines working so that the institute accessible from the outside world.

The down side of it was the attitude that some of these *great* faculties had. One is excepted to co-operate in such a situation but some (as I have already mentioned) *great* faculties were too unbearable. A situation that aroused was when the phone lines started working but the individual number misplaced by the technicians. This was just a minor mishap that occurred, but the way some of these *great* people reacted was too much. The language that they spoked, the way they use to pull the leg of the technical team as well as the working staff is not bearable. Is that the attitude the some of the faculty members of this great organization have towards them? And why is that the employees have to bear all those? Just because they are paid for it? Don’t they have any respect to them? One can understand the level at which they are working but these does not mean you show disrespect to the other people.

I was shocked. What to believe and what not? Should I go again to this great institution or should I not? Should I join in as a student there or not. The most probable answer that I see is ‘No’. If the faculty has no respect for the employees working out there then what would be the situation of the students. I know that many of the students will be against me but I can’t help it. It is just my personnel opinion what I have seen and what I felt. I very well know about the condition of the people working out there. Great pressure to deliver the output on time.

Last but not the least it is a great institute in the area of bilogical research and one should feel great to visit this place but not so great on the attitude side of some of the *great* faculties.

Note: I repeatedly say *some* as most of the faculty doesnot carry these *great* attitudes. I humbly apologize if I have unknowingly hurt the feelings of the members of this institute along with the faculty members.